What is Boss Fuel?

Boss Fuel is a name that represents a belief in providing consumers with superior fuel through special care and treatment of its products and equipment.


Are there specials additives in Boss Fuel?

No, Boss Fuel does not add anything to its standard products. The only exception to that is Winterized Diesel, which contains Magellan’s X-1 additive to prevent fuel gelling in the winter.


Where can I find Boss Fuel?

Currently Boss Fuel is exclusively available at 21 Pump & Pantry locations as well as two Bosselman Travel Centers. Visit www.BossFuel.com for a full list of locations.


What is Super Unleaded 88?

Commonly referred to as E15, Super Unleaded 88 contains 15% ethanol and has an octane rating of 88.


What is Super Unleaded 87?

Commonly referred to as ‘regular’ or E10, Super Unleaded 87 contains up to 10% ethanol and has an octane rating of 87.


Can I use Super Unleaded 88 in my car?

Boss Fuel recommends Super Unleaded 88 as the best value for anyone driving a 2001 and newer vehicle.


Why should I use Super Unleaded 88 in my car?

It’s better fuel and it costs less.


What is E85?

E85 Contains a minimum of 70% ethanol and has an octane rating between 100-105. Boss Fuel recommends E85 for anyone driving a flex-fuel vehicle.


What is a flex-fuel vehicle?

A flex-fuel vehicle (FFV) is a vehicle designed to operate on any ethanol blend, ranging from E10 to E85.


How do I know if I have a flex-fuel vehicle?

Your owner’s manual should clearly indicate if your vehicle is flex-fuel compatible.